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How do I schedule a collection?
Simply call us or fill out our online web form.
My pickup was missed what should I do ?
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact us and let us know what happened we’ll see that you are rescheduled and that the locals dispatch is made aware of the deficiency.
Can I get a smaller pickup window of time than between 8am-5pm ?
We are only able to offer all day windows for pickup service due to the nature of collecting donations. It is very hard to judge how long each individual pickup will take as the quantity in each donation varies a great deal. We also never know when a tuck will have to back to headquarters to unload if full during appointed rounds.
What items do you accept?
We collect used clothes, shoes and accessories such as hats, belts, bags, costume jewellery and scarves. The clothing must be preferably in good condition. To donate large mattresses /furniture/ exercise equipment please contact our advisors for information.
Why do you not offer pickup service in my zip code?
We are only able to offer donation pickup service in some zip codes. Due to the cost of fuel and other collection cost.

Montréal Donations Collection

25, rue Saint-Jacques
Lachine, QC H8R 1C8 Montreal QC